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Our Process


The first step in any project is meeting with the customer to go over your ideas, your budget, and your preferred timeline to make sure that we can accommodate your request and that we're able to bring your vision to life. We'll visit your property to take some measurements, review material samples, and look at the layout of your home to gather the information we need.


Our team will do the necessary research to prepare a detailed and thorough proposal. This may require preparing a cabinet layout for a kitchen or getting quotes from our suppliers for Onyx, tile or flooring, etc. We limit the number of consultations we schedule per week, so that each customer gets adequate time and attention, and to allow enough time to research other projects we've already done consultations for. This helps us ensures we can deliver estimates in a timely manner.


After the research phase is complete, we will put together a detailed bid proposal for you to review. This proposal outlines what materials we will provide and how long we estimate it will take to complete the work. Every proposal includes all the necessary site prep, debris removal and haul-off, dumpster rental, and other necessary elements to make the project as convenient for you as possible. Bids are sent by email for quick and convenient delivery, and we try to send each bid within 2-3 weeks of the consultation depending on the complexity of the remodel.


It is very rare that the initial bid proposal is accepted as is. Most customers have additional questions or ideas after reviewing the first draft, so we try to call you 1-2 weeks after the proposal was emailed to make sure you received it and to go over ideas. Or, you can contact us sooner if you know what changes you'd like to make before we follow up. From there, we can make any necessary edits or amendments and send over a second draft.


Once the bid proposal is accepted and a 50% deposit has been received, we can officially put your project on our schedule and give you a rough estimate of how far out we are booked at that time. Right away, we will start ordering materials, which may require additional input on paint colors, flooring choices, and whatever other decisions might be needed. We try to order materials as early as possible to avoid unnecessary delays. As materials arrive and we get closer to the estimated start date, we will communicate with you at regular intervals, keeping you in the loop on the timing of our arrival.


Before we arrive to begin construction on your property, we will provide a minimum notice of a few business days, and we try to provide more notice wherever possible. As you may know, construction is an industry where work can sometimes take more or less time than we anticipated, so we do our best to keep a tight schedule, but we are also committed to a quality finished product. So our timeline can sometimes be adjusted if we need extra time to complete a remodel to the highest standards. For most projects, we try to do a walk-through with the customer and the job foreman to make sure everyone is on the same page and address any last minute adjustments. Once construction has begun, our team will work diligently to complete your project as efficiently as possible. We do our best to keep a clean job site and to avoid unnecessary mess in the rest of your property. Our team occasionally works off site to stain or paint woodwork, or to gather necessary materials, but otherwise we will be in your home full time on weekdays until the project is complete.


As the project winds down, we will communicate with you regularly about our progress. As they say, the "devil is in the details" so the project really comes together in those last couple of days. We try to review our own work internally to make sure things are perfect, but we are human and can miss things occasionally, so we also try to do a walk-through or a follow-up call with each customer. This is your opportunity to share with us any little details that may need to be perfected, and to communicate with us about your remodel before we consider it completed. Once the job has been approved and checked off the list, we will invoice you for the remaining 50% balance, which is due within 15 days.

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